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Welcome to my website, my name is Lidka Kacprzycka. I am an expert in management, media and marketing communication, a motivational speaker, coach, passionate about Japanese culture and the idea of ​​living to the fullest of my abilities.

I founded Momo Communication to help entrepreneurs and individuals manage their business and life more effectively. My offer is addressed to everyone who is looking for HARMONY.

I believe that living in a time of digital transformation, constant rush and an excess of stimuli, we will not win over time. However, we can raise awareness in key spheres of life, become more effective, take advantage of new opportunities, enjoy life.

Personally, I have undergone two professional transformations in my life, each of them was related to Japan.

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My biography

My professional life is a way to develop different passions and build financial freedom through activities that I like, get involved and bring my natural talents. I love working with people from different industries. I focus on my own development and supporting others in their development.

  • I started my career at the Japanese Embassy, ​​where I worked as a translator
  • For 20 years I have been gaining experience in media houses (GroupM, Publicismedia), 8 years as a managing director
  • I have successfully built strong brands, incl. Colgate Palmolive, Novartis, Sandoz, Vision Express, PZU, Agora., I developed people, built teams
  • For 15 years I was responsible for planning and implementing television campaigns for various industries.
  • I have built my own financial freedom, I can do what I like and share with others.
  • I am a Kaizen coach and coach, my passion is supporting people in development.
  • I studied Japanese at the University of Warsaw, was a scholarship holder at the Kumamoto University in Japan and I was passionate about Japanese culture.
  • I created my own website in the tourism industry from scratch based on my passion.
  • I got to know the soul of Japan. This is my passion and lifestyle.
  • I have a son, I am passionate about traveling, meeting people from different cultures, e.g. home decorating, nature


  • University of Warsaw, Faculty of Oriental Studies, MA in Japanese Studies
  • University of Warsaw, Faculty of Oriental Studies, MA in Japanese Studies
  • SWPS Warsaw, coaching, postgraduate studies, one-year supervision
  • Warsaw School of Economics, Lean in services, Kaizen Institute, Lean and Kaizen postgraduate studies


100 years of Polish-Japanese relations Cooperation with the Japanese Embassy


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